Friday, August 13, 2021

Learning Mode

Although I have a few projects in the works, some of my current projects will never see the light of day. I have a few projects in Logic that set up only as playground sandboxes for learning some of the new software synthesizers that I have that I haven't taken beyond preset sounds.

Getting under the hood and going beyond the presets isn't always necessary. When a synth comes with 10,000 sounds built into it, there's usually not much need to tweak things to find something you need. But understanding how all the dials, bells, whisltes, graphs and routings work can really help dial in some unique sounds. So playing in the sandbox may not be immediatlely productive, it's a lot of fun.,

And who knows? Maybe it will lead to that elusive best seller that draws a crowd.

Synths in particular that I'm experimenting with? Cyborg from East/West, and Apple's Logic Synthesizers: Sculpture, ES2, and EFM. Any one of those will keep my learning for a month.

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