Wednesday, April 10, 2019

April Update

It turns out that I somehow managed to check off all of the goals that I set for myself last summer. I guess that means it's time for some new goals.

Here's what I managed to check off since the summer:

Have an item make 50 sales
Make $150 sales in 1 month
Reach 400 Sales
Reach the 52% sales level on AJ

And for the record….
My "Harp Dream Sequence" has 52 sales since I posted it.
I've actually had 1,201 sales as of this date. A good bit better than that goal of 400.
My sales level is up to 66%.

I'll have to do some thinking about the next set of goals. So here are some parameters.

My goals should have more to do with how much music I write and record, rather than how many sales I make. I can't predict or do anything specific about sales - only the stuff I produce to sell.

I'd really like to focus on adding to the catalog. Right now I have 195 recordings online. That's agonizingly close to 200.

It would also be fun to break into some new categories that I've never submitted recordings for. There's something fun about trying something out of my comfort zone.