Thursday, August 20, 2020

Drunken Robot

 I haven't been super faithful with posting this summer - mostly due to laziness, I guess.  So here's a link to a demo of a new one I just put up for submission called "Drunken Robot."

In all honesty, I'll be pleasantly surprised if this one gets accepted for sale.  If it does, I know for a fact that I will OWN the "drunken robot" search term.  (FYI, I have already checked.) Someday, somewhere, someone is going to need a little theme song to go along with a robot on a bender.  Someone had to write and record it....why not me?  BTW, the robot gets sick at 1:23 (yes...that is what a robot sounds like when he throws up) and is singing along in an annoying way at 1:44.

I know, Beethoven would have been ashamed of me.  Mozart would have gotten a kick out of it, though.  Then he would have gone off and written a better one.

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